Native American Speaker Posters

These posters were made for a Native American speaker conference here at Cal U in 2014. The posters were made by myself along with the Graphic Design club, Studio 244.

This is another job that I and other designers of Studio 224 worked on. The project was initially brought to us by one of our members, who also worked with the History department at Cal U. Blackfoot Elder, Klane King, came to our school in November of 2013 to give a presentation and the Provost's Office needed a poster for the event. They loved the first poster so much, they came to our club again in 2014 to commission another one.
Original poster (2013)
I helped design and layout these new poster with my club. We sent them two options to choose from and they loved them both. The colors chosen are ones that reflect the colors that the Iroquois tribe uses.  
New poster 1 (2014)
New poster 2 (2014)
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