About Me!

If you are reading this, then you are interested in me, so thank you.
A little bit about me; I'd like to say I am a pretty hard worker. I mean, I am spending my Saturday afternoon right now updating my portfolio when I could be watching whatever Netflix's amazing new original series is out. That says a lot about me right there. I have loved art and design since I was a small child and it has only been in the past five or six years that I have considered it as a profession that I would eventually chase after. 
I love to follow what is trending (not so much acting on all of those trends). I find myself telling others what is going on in the world right now, which is a little scary. Scary because of what is going on in the world, and scary because I am the one informing said people. I have a lot of useless information rattling around in my brain, but apparently I also have a lot of information that people actually want to know about. When I don't know an answer to a question, my go-to phrase is "Just Google it." I think everyone has used that phrase at least 32409 times in their life by now. 
I love food. Maybe a little too much. I eat ice cream when I know I am slightly lactose intolerant. It's worth it. Game of Thrones is up there on my obsessions list. I am also really into everything happening in the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU for enthusiasts). I love my mom, I think she is super awesome and might be the only one that will ever truly 'get me.' 
I love and hate routine and I love to travel. I'm a Pisces. I love Makeup (and yes, it is 'makeup,' and not 'make-up"). I never leave the house without at least 10 different products on my face. I don't like beaches. I hate sand. Han shot first. I love bold colors in every situation. I have a few pets that are just as crazy as I am.  "Queen Berf" is a name that stemmed from 30 other nicknames I acquired in college. They all come from "Beth." I don't know what happened.
That's a pretty good overview of myself. If you find yourself with more questions than answers, please feel free to reach out to me through one of my various forms of social media located at the top of my site! If you sat and read through this entire page, you have lost 2 minutes of your life to me. So again, thank you =) 

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