A branding project with the idea of an 'apocalyptic supercenter.' Play on Wal-mart, but for survival.

Basic logo. The cross symbolizes health and safety and the bullet symbolizes defense.
Billboard idea.
Billboard idea. Save yourself live longer is a play on Wal-mart's famous "save money, live better" tagline.
Like a hospital has signs that tell you where the closest one is, these signs let you know where the nearest safe house (High Grounds) is.
Storefront billboard idea.
Billboard idea.
This was my first branding project of my graphic design career. Done in the fall of 2012, I worked on this with my partner Brett Martinelli. Our idea was to make a kind of Wal-Mart supercenter but to aim it at Apocalyptic Survival Gear. High Grounds came from the 'get to higher ground' saying when there is a disaster occurring. In the chance of a Zombie outbreak, this center also acted as a safe refuge.
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